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Instant Polenta

There are some wonderful innovations that have come about in recent years, not the least of which is instant polenta. Similar to Grits, the boiled cornmeal dish is reminiscent of oatmeal or cream of wheat in terms of texture, but with a very different flavour. Suffice it to say it’s delicious, and the instant variety is ready in minutes. Leftovers harden to a bread-like consistency and are also fabulous sliced and either grilled or fast fried in a little olive oil. If you’ve never tried this delicious grain, pick up a pack of the instant stuff and follow the directions, then just top it with a basic tomato sauce and some sausages and you have a killer meal.


  1. Obvious question: What are grits?

    • They’re a different form of a cooked grain, similar to polenta or cream of wheat or oatmeal, and supposedly very healthy. I’ll have to try a recipe and get back to you on what they are exactly. I can’t say I’ve ever made them!

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