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The food makes it…

I have lots of happy memories of nibbles at some favourite destinations, and I don’t mean restaurants. I mean having funnel cakes at Canada’s Wonderland, the local amusement park. I’m talking about cotton candy at the fall fair, roast pork at the annual backyard picnic and the famous burgers at our favourite summer beach spot. So many places come with happy memories that have a little food mixed into them.

But what amazes me now is the events being built around food, where it is the focus of an entire event. One of my personal favourites was London’s Ribfest, a staple of hubby and my summer routine for years. There’s also Toronto’s “Taste of Danforth,” a festival of Greek cuisine, and strawberry, sausage, garlic, maple syrup, chicken wing, peach and pumpkin festivals. And that’s just in southern Ontario. I wonder what’s next? I think it’s great that we’re celebrating food, and appreciating food. And as the push towards more local and fresh food increases, both eaters and growers should be celebrating the bounty.

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