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Marshmallow explosion

I like to make s’mores in the microwave sometimes. Top a graham cracker with a spoonful of chocolate chips and a marshmallow and zap it for 30 seconds and voila. I know it doesn’t compare to the taste and smell of the campfire, but sometimes you just need sweet and chocolatey hit. I think the most fun part of the whole thing though is to watch the marshmallow inflate to three times its original size and then shrink back down in just seconds. Food should make you feel like a kid sometimes.


  1. Where does the term “s’more” come from? “Give me s’more”?

  2. It’s funny you are talking about s’mores. I don’t know where the term come from but I recently saw another version of making them. You just need mini chocholate chip cookies, mini marshmallows, tooth picks and a tea light. I thought it was a creative way of making this delicious dessert.

    • Mmm, s’mores you can make even without power. Sounds delicious, and really, as long as it involves cookies, chocolate and marshmallows, how can you go wrong?