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The opposite of a dumb waiter

Aroma Restaruant's Tilapia Entree

Aroma Restaruant's Tilapia Entree

I had the wonderful chance to share dinner with my in-laws over the weekend at a lovely restaurant called Aroma in London, Ont. The food was delicious, as was the wine, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed with a waiter in all my days. Some are knowledgeable, happy to share their wine recommendation, others know the history of the establishment, still others can share banter on the latest news, be it the former U.S. president or the current Stanley Cup finals. It is rare in my experience though, to find one who could speak on all those topics, remember to refill the bread basket, and get all the orders right to boot. Maybe he just enjoyed his job, I don’t know, but all it takes is one thing to really elevate an experience from ordinary to extraordinary.


  1. I used to get so frustrated with wait staff when they made small talk with me – feeling it was a waste of my time, a challenge to my intelligence and placating me for dollars. Then D pointed out to me that they were just doing their job, and how uncomfortable would I feel if that was in my job description… to make conversation, make the customers feel welcome and at home. Ever since that wisdom was imparted on me, I generally have way more patience for the profession and am way more appreciative of the service.

  2. In almost every case I’ve long forgotten whatever I had to eat in a restaurant. It has always been the staff that make the experience memorable. Specific conversations with friends are long gone, but it’s the service I remember, even if I have forgotten the staff member’s name.

    Sometimes, even after four months have passed, they remember me.