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Bacon without borders

I’m as big a fan of bacon as anyone, but it’s getting to the point where you just don’t know where bacon is going to pop up next.

This column “You won’t believe this column is not bacon,” takes a fun look at all the places the tasty, salty treat is showing up these days.

Inspired by news that a bacon-flavoured vodka is hitting store shelves, it recounts the many new food-based and non-edible ways that the striped wonder is being used.

I’ve personally only had one bacon-flavoured treat that I didn’t love, bacon jellybeans, but I’m not ruling out all bacon-inspired sweets.

I may even try some of the dessert recipes recommended by Time Magazine if I get the opportunity.

But to be honest, I’m feeling a little bit like a purist these days. Bacon is so good straight out of the oven that maybe trying to improve it is futile.

I suppose using it to try to improve other dishes makes sense, you should see what it does for brussel sprouts, but it’s never a bad thing to let bacon stand alone.

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