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The ‘Foodie’

Recently I blogged about the term “authenticity” when it comes to food.

Today I read an interesting article about the term “foodie” on theglobeandmail.com called Foodies: Culinary democrats or cultural snobs? It considers a new book about the term and different points of view about what it really means.

I’ve certainly been called a foodie, though I don’t think I’d ever define myself using that term. I love food, I love to cook, I love to try new things from different countries and styles of cooking. But, I also love the burger and fish and chips at the little mom and pop cafe down the street from me.

How you define a foodie appears to depend on who is trying to apply the label. The same can be said for authenticity, which is also examined in the new book.

All I know is I like to eat, and I’m trying to do it in a responsible way. But I think I’ll leave all this definition stuff to the experts, which I’m not…yet.

Would you call yourself a foodie? How do you define it?

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