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Dessert at Langdon Hall

Dessert at Langdon Hall

I think I had the prettiest dessert ever last week.

As a gift, mom and all the kids got together to take dad out for Father’s Day to an award-winning chi-chi restaurant called Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ont.

While the amuse bouche, appetizer and main course were delicious, they didn’t drive any of us wild with pleasure. The same cannot be said about the dessert.

We shared two desserts, one was Dark Chocolate Tortoni with Hazelnut Praline Ganache and Nougatine Caramel Sauce. The other was Black Cherry Mousse with Olive Oil Cake, Kirsch Orange Sorbet, White Chocolate and Verbena Zabaglione.

While the names and descriptions were impressive, even more memorable were the look and taste of both.

And all I can say is it truly reinforces for me the idea that you eat with your eyes first. Which means as delicious as your food may be, it must also look appetizing.

Anything from ugly china to bad lighting to burnt edges and runny sauces are liable to turn me off even the most delicious dish. Do you think the appearance of your food affects your appetite?

I’m wondering if they’ve ever done an experiment to see if people rate the same food differently based on how it was served? Does anyone know?

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