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Floral Cupcakes

Flower Cupcakes

Flower Cupcakes

Spring is finally here, and in honour of the warmer weather I thought I’d post some photos of these beautiful cupcakes made by my brother’s girlfriend, Sam, a few weeks ago. You can find great instructions here or watch this instructional video.
The idea comes from a great cupcake book, Hello, Cupcake! that is full of fun and whimsical ideas for decorating cupcakes. Sam tells me the decorating was fun, but VERY time-consuming, so be aware if you’re thinking of embarking on this kind of project. Another note, don’t bother buying coloured sugar, just toss some white sugar in a ziploc back with a couple of drops of food colouring and you’re good to go.
Sam’s got a talent in the kitchen, but truly anyone can get creative and make their cupcakes, whether for a party or bake sale or just dessert at home, something special.
I suppose it’s kind of besides the point, but the cupcakes were mochaccino and oreo flavour, and they were absolutely delicious.
Flower Cupcakes Closeup

Flower Cupcakes Closeup

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  1. Amanda,
    You are right about these cupcakes. They are a beautiful bouquet of floral fantasy. Thanks to Sam I had one and it was delicious. They combine two of my favourite flavours, chocolate and marshmallow. I recommend we all try to make them some time soon to bring back the spring weather that we had when it was still winter.