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Milk vs. 7Up

On left, traditional milk pancakes vs. 7Up pancakes on the right.

On left, traditional milk pancakes vs. 7Up pancakes on the right.

Hubby heard through the grapevine that using 7Up instead of milk when making pancakes made them much fluffier, so we decided to do a little experiment. Using the Bisquick mix, we followed the package directions (the only other thing you add is eggs) and did one batch with milk and the other with 7Up. A panel of six testers then rendered their decisions.

The verdict: There was no real noticeable difference in fluffiness, but the 7Up pancakes were definitely sweeter. They also seemed to be a bit more rubbery and most taste testers felt there was a bit of a “pop can” aftertaste to them. Only one six preferred the 7Up pancakes to the traditional milk pancakes. All in all, it would be really hard to tell the difference between the two if no one told you there was one. So I would say this is a nice alternative for anyone with a lactose intolerance, or if you just happen to run out of milk and have some pop on hand. We are determined to try the recipe with Bisquick’s biscuit recipe and see if they come out any flakier, so stay tuned!

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  1. Yay I remember these… and no I didn’t remember there being much of a difference at all, however I think the 7up pancakes had a certain sweetness to them that was not bad…