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Honey Bake Shop

Honey Bake Shop's Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcake

Does a place ever look so yummy from the outside that you just know that what’s inside is going to be delicious?

I don’t know why I put off visiting Uptown Waterloo’s Honey Bake Shop all summer, but it took until the end of August before I made it through the doors.

It was late afternoon when I stopped in after lunch with a friend at work, so the selection was a little low, only more than half-a-dozen cupcake flavours to choose from. (Insert quirky smile here.)

I opted for a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. It was delicious, moist and flavourful with just the right amount of frosting.

My pet peeve is cupcakes with too much frosting, and this one was just right.

They had lots of interesting flavours to choose from, truthfully, and I think next time the maple and bacon will be calling my name!

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