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The Ilderton Fair

The fall fair in Ilderton, Ont. is an annual tradition for us. When I was younger, besides being about turkey, Thanksgiving was about heading to the Woodbridge Fair, just north of Toronto.

Every year I still look forward to the agricultural displays, animal events, children’s crafts, homemade (and local) gifts for sale – and of course – the food.

There are all kinds of new-fangled, deep-fried things you can get at most fairs these days, but for me it’s about two things – tiny donuts and cotton candy – okay, and maybe some kettle corn.

I don’t know what it is about warm little donuts, made fresh and covered in cinnamon sugar, that make my heart skip a beat. The rest of the year I can mostly take or leave the fried dough, but not at outdoor events like the fair.

If anyone can explain it, I’m all ears. In the meantime, so I don’t tempt you, here’s a giant pumpkin.

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