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Mr. Haney’s Diner

Sunday afternoon saw hubby and I dining at at tiny place in the little town of Lucan, southwestern Ontario. Mr. Haney’s Diner is how I define a classic diner, with maybe a dozen tables, half picnic style, half fifties diner style. It’s decorated with local history, from yearbooks to old ads. The service is friendly, with many customers on a first name basis with staff. The menu is simple, the specials are on the wall, and the soups and pies are fresh and homemade. While the meal was delicious (mine was shaved beef on toast with mashed potatoes all slathered in gravy accompanied by some steamed vegetables), dessert is what really stole the show. A homemade strawberry rhubarb pie topped with whip cream still has me drooling a day later. Now that’s what a restaurant experience should be like. (Oh, and the great prices don’t hurt either!)

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