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Fresh herbs

Today there was fresh sage in my lunch. This afternoon I could see the tops of the chives poking out of the dirt in the backyard. And tonight there was fresh cilantro on my burrito. I have never been so happy to know that summer was on the way and fresh herbs will be there for the picking any time I want. You need so few tools and so little space to have a few herbs around that it is totally worth the work. Some herbs, like thyme, oregano, mint and chives will come back year after year with little or no effort. Others, like basil, dill, parsley and sometimes sage need to be replanted. But honestly, a little plant is so inexpensive, and so is a plastic pot, some dirt and a little shovel and a watering can, that it makes total financial sense. And that’s not even considering the amazing taste difference that fresh herbs make. Happy planting!

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