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Pizza debate

I’m having a couple over for dinner on Saturday night and I can’t decide what kind of pizza to serve. I don’t mean what toppings to order, I mean whether to order at all.

I’m leaning towards either picking up a variety of frozen pizzas, or picking up store bought crusts and toppings and letting each person create their own pizza.

The last option seems like the most fun to me, but is obviously the most work. So I’m wondering if the improved taste and options is worth all the trouble, especially since frozen pizzas have really come a long way.

In my neck of the woods delivery isn’t an option, so if we went with restaurant pizza we’d have to pick it up, but to be honest I’ve been quite disappointed with my last few take-out experiences.

If you’re getting pizza at home do you have a preferred source? My mom and mother-in-law both make awesome homemade pizza, with dough made from scratch, but I’m not quite ready for that.

Do I sense a taste test coming on? Maybe frozen vs. fresh? Hmm, definitely something to think about.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I think your second option would be fun. Letting your guests create their own pizza. You could perhaps create a little wine tasting as part of the festivities.

    Should be fun!


  2. I love the Ristorante frozen pizzas and since they’re on thin crusts, they seem fancy (to me at least!) M&M’s has a great chicken club pizza too if you go the frozen route!

  3. For take out; Byron Pizza is always very good. My hubby likes the frozen Delicio but says that by the time the centre is fully cooked the crust gets hard. I like Dr. Oetker spinach or mushroom frozen pizzas. One time, try Tony’s restaurant, eat in or take out, on Springbank for lots of really good prepared food.

  4. Thanks for all the great suggestions, I’m leaning toward fresh grocery store ingredients, but we’ll see how much energy I have when this workweek is finally over!