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Pizza Party

So owing to the fact that we were running a little late Saturday afternoon, we opted for frozen pizzas that night. We baked three pizzas (though I bought extra to stock up, so thanks for the suggestions!) with toppings that I tried to match to requests.

We made a Dr. Oetker Ristorante Thin Crust Vegetable (Peppers, onion, tomato and cheese), McCain International Thin Crust Parisian (Bechamel sauce, seasoned chicken, mushrooms, spinach and bacon) and a McCain Premiere Traditional Crust Deli Lovers (Pepperoni, seasoned beef, Italian sausage and bacon).

My personal favourite was probably the Dr. Oetker, the variety of peppers give it a really nice kick, while the McCain Parisian was also delicious. My top two choices may have been because I love thin crust pizza.

It may have also helped that it was the least number of calories per serving. Per 1/4 pizza, the Dr. Oetker was 190 calories, the Parisian was about 260 calories and the Deli Lovers was 320 calories. The Dr. Oetker also had the smallest serving size, but a slice is a slice.

Any way you slice it (ha, ha) our pizza dinner was a success, paired with some chips, pretzels, crudites and Caesar and ranch dippings sauces for the pizza crust.

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