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Kitchen of the future

My husband sent me a link to this Reuters video titled “Future kitchen without pots, recipes” and it gives an interesting glimpse into what great minds are envisioning for our future cooking facilities.

I’m not sure if or how soon our future cooktops will detect ingredients, instantly call up recipes, shape shift into pots and pans, cook our meals and then transform into a dinner table. I think I’ll keep trying to hone my cooking skills.

Regardless, any convenience that helps more quickly prepare a nutritious and tasty meal will be popular. You just have to look at the explosion of the microwave in our kitchens to see that.

Whatever happens, a girl can dream about a kitchen that will at leastĀ help clear the dishes, can’t she?


  1. It reminds me of the evil terminator from T2, the one that can morph into different shapes. I wonder if that’s where they got the idea?

  2. After viewing that video, I think we have the right idea already with the open space style kitchen, dining room and living room layouts in many of the new homes. I am sure most of us would welcome the pot free kitchen too.