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My little herb garden

My little herb garden

One of the best things about the summer is getting to use fresh herbs without paying an arm and a leg at the grocery store.

I’ve finally got my little herb patch just about where I like it. It’s only a little 5 ft. by 4 ft. patch off the back patio, but I love it.

I’ve had my herbs in pots on apartment balconies in years past as well and they’ve still thrived, but it does seem easier to have them in the ground. It’s a little less watering, but a little more weeding.

There are a few I’ve kept in pots, rosemary and bay laurel so I can move them inside for the winter, and two kinds of mint so they don’t take over the entire garden.

The other herbs are flat-leaf parsley, basil, thyme, oregano, sage, garlic chives and lavender.

So far no issues with little critters nibbling at anything, but I’ll keep you posted.

If you have any wish for your own little herb garden, plants like thyme, oregano, chives and sage are super easy to grow, and not very picky about sun and water.

Many types of those will also come back each year or self-seed. Good luck if you give it a try!


  1. Every summer I grow oregano and basil. This year I added 2 different kinds of basil and I have just purchased “Russian Sage”. The sage was in the herbs section and am wondering if this is the sage one can eat? In the past, I have often planted chives and now that you mention it I will look for one at my local store. I have never used thyme at home and wondering what would I put it on?

    • According to what I’ve read, the leaves of Russian sage are better dried and used for potpourri, while the small lavender flowers can be eaten in salads. You may want to check with the nursery where you bought it though or check the label. If it is Perovskia atriplicifolia, and not Salvia officinalis then it’s probably not edible, just pretty. I put thyme on every kind of meat, and you can use it a lot like thyme.

  2. Looks great 🙂 No chives?

  3. Thanks Amanda for the info. I appreciate you checking that for me. I pulled my sage tag off the plant and it indeed says perovskia atriplicifolia. Oh well, I’ll put it in my flowering beds. It says that this plant is a perennial. The flowers are a nice purple. Yesterday I purchased thyme and when I got home I realized I had purchased an ornamental thyme instead of an edible one. Again, it will look nice in the garden. I just wish there was a sign over edible herbs that said “eat me”. LOL

  4. Your little herb garden is beautiful. I hope that you were able to enjoy the herbs and the flavours that they impart in your cooking. My favourite herbs are basil and oregano because you can use them in all the wonderful fresh salads that we can enjoy from our gardens at this time of the year. For the meat and fish dishes I really like to use sage and thyme. Of course, how can one forget parsley that gives the familiar flavour my family enjoys in their meatballs as well as every fish dish that I make. Parsley is green, flavourful and nutritous too. Hooray for parsley.

  5. Now that the garden has been churned, the cats love stepping in the freshly moved earth.