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Koganei's Jade Green roll

Koganei's Jade Green roll

I definitely think cooking is an art. But if I was viewing the food as art itself, and I mean the visual aspect and not the flavour, I’d say sushi chefs have really got it down. I know sushi rolls are simply a convenient form for a snack, but with the colours and presentation of some of the platters I’ve seen, it’s almost like paint on a canvas. The vivd colours of the fish and vegetables and other ingredients set off against the white rice and dark green nori (seaweed) is a sight to behold. My favourite roll is a unique one call the Jade Green roll at a local Japanese restaurant called Koganei. Filled with spinach, then wrapped in nori and rice and coated with avocado and sesame seeds, it is served with a mouth-watering peanut sauce. I’ve never found anything similar anywhere else, and it is one of the many things that takes me back to the same restaurant time and again.

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