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Roasted potatoes

One of my favourite side dishes is roasted potatoes. I find them quick and easy to make, and you can get them to cook as quickly as you like, depending on how small you make the pieces. Personally, I like about 2-3 cm cubes, which take about 45 minutes to cook at 375C to 400C if you’ve got them in a single layer in a wide roasting pan. I never bother peeling potatoes because there’s so much nutrition in the skin, so they just get a good scrub with a veggie brush and a quick chop. Then I drop them into a greased pan and add salt, pepper, olive oil and rosemary (fresh or dried, though fresh is better). That’s it! They’re delicious and still good reheated the next day.


  1. Was your potato post in honour of St. Patrick’s Day? I wonder if the Irish still eat a lot of potatoes.

  2. I decided my first post on this blog would have to be under the roasted potatoes publication :D.

    I LOVE ROASTED POTATOES… and they’re impossible to stop eating haha…

    This blog looks AMAZING Amanda, I’m sorry I haven’t read on up to now and you’ll officially feel the wrath of my social networking and blog abilities…


    <3 all my love, to future comments pc