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Naanza - Three Ways

Naanza - Three Ways

I don’t know if that’s really how you spell it, but I do love to say it. Naanza. A few months ago we tried it three ways, and it was delicious. Top it any way you want and pop it in the oven for just a few minutes.

We did a Margherita (tomato sauce and mozzarella), another with the same plus some cured sausage, and a white version with olive oil, oregano, feta, Kalamata olives and mozzarella.

It’s the closest I’ve found for at home pizza to be thin crust, unless you have the time to make the dough yourself. Plus you never have that strange uncooked pizza top you sometimes get with take out. You can also customize each one to the individual guest if you’re having a shindig.

I can’t wait to try it out on the barbecue as an appetizer now that the weather is finally warming up!


  1. I like the Naan bread for pizza. We’ve been eating it that way for about a year now. You’re right, it’s perfect for each individual. I usually just buy the plain ones but Loblaws used to sell a garlic version which was good too. Steve and I never eat the same type of pizza. Ordering a take out pizza with 1/2 and 1/2 never works out. He likes all the meats and I prefer the veggies. The meat always encroaches and it leaves several slices with half meat, half veggie. Now, we just make up our own. I love putting spinach, mushrooms and black olives on mine and he can have his bacon, pepperoni, onion etc. We haven’t had it on the BBQ but now that you mention it, we’ll give it a try this summer.

  2. I’m going to try it this way! Looks much easier than trying to use the doughy stuff on one of those stone things I was ‘forced’ to buy at a home party (the kind where they hold you hostage until you’re forced to be a good guest by parting with cash for something you neither want or need).

    I’m going to try goat cheese and sundried tomatoes or olive oil and bocacinni (sp?).

    But about that warming up thing – it’s snowing today – April 18 – Yikes!! How long will it be until we get to bbq?

  3. Message to Jill: Next time you go to a party where they want you to “purchase” inedible food tell them you have a food allery…try gluten (it’s in most food). I haven’t been to such a party before…thanks for the heads up, I’ll make sure to avoid ones in the future. These Naanza pizzas are really good. You can’t go wrong here…yummy.

  4. In Italy they serve a variety of pizza dough and one of them reminded me of the precooked version that we buy at the supermarket. You could also use Naan bread too. The pizza was served with fresh sliced tomato, bocconcini and arugula with olive oil and oregano. Delicious.

  5. These look fantastic – I always thought naan bread would be too sweet to be good for pizza but i’d be more than open to try 😉

  6. You just like saying “Naanza,” don’t you?