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Tricolour Pepper Soup

Tricolour Pepper Soup - Saute the onions, garlic and peppers, add the broth and then blend. Serve with sour cream and cayenne.

Recently I found myself with about half a dozen bell peppers that needed to be used up, two yellow, two orange and two red. With all the cool weather that has bled right into the spring it seemed like time for some more soup.

I used this recipe on allrecipes.com with a few modifications, replacing the heavy cream with 2% milk and the four red peppers with two red, two orange and two yellow peppers. I also skipped the straining part, because I love the richness and thickness that the little bits of pepper add.

It was a great way to use all the excess veggies in the drawer, and a similar strategy to what I do with a lot of squash, so it’s definitely a recipe I’ll use again.

I’m also thinking that now that the warmer weather is almost here, I’ll have to spin my penchant for soup as a way to sneak veggies into my and hubbies diet into something new. Gazpacho anyone?

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