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Father’s Day


Usually I share recipes when I talk about delicious homemade meals, but after our Father’s Day brunch at my sister’s place, I couldn’t help sharing the beautiful food, even though I don’t have the recipes. Not yet, anyway.

The table was covered with hors d’oeuvres when we arrived; raw vegetables, chips, salsa, guacamole and a few other goodies.

First up, possibly my favourite thing. Pancetta baked into cups, filled with guacamole and topped with a little popper cracker.

Pancetta Cups with Guacamole

I don’t know if I can say enough good things about these, somehow the avocado was the perfect foil for the salty Italian-style bacon.

Next up, smoked salmon served with toast, capers, thinly sliced onion and a homemade herbed mayonnaise.

Smoked salmon with all the fixings.

So good. Enough said. Did I mention we’re still talking about the starters?

The main course was a lovely strata served with bacon, bacon and bacon.

The strata and bacon!

Yes, you read that right, three kinds of bacon. There was regular bacon, candied bacon and Canadian/peameal bacon, all delicious. Not to take away from the strata, which was wonderfully flavourful and fluffy.

A strata is kind of like a really big omelette that incorporates the toast right into it.

There are some good recipes here and a healthier oneĀ here if you’d like to try it out, and I certainly recommend you do.

Biggest kudos to the hosts of this delicious meal, go Nat and Jay!

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