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Mac n’ Cheese

"Perfect" Macaroni and Cheese

I had a craving, which is what usually leads to me making far more complicated recipes than I would usually attempt.

The craving was for this cool corkscrew shaped pasta, which I thought would go perfectly with a cheesy baked pasta recipe.

So I went on the hunt for a classic Macaroni and Cheese recipe and found a great one from Martha Stewart, which you can find on the marthastewart.com website here.

I made some minor alterations, using orange instead of white cheddar, and a combination of asiago, mozzarella and parmeggiano instead of gruyere and pecorino romano. I also used ready-made breadcrumbs and melted butter instead of making my own.

Anyway, while this dish was absolutely delicious and garnered rave reviews, I have to say it was far more time-consuming to make than I expected. And there was a lot of stirring involved.

It’s a far cry from a box of KD, but I think it may become one of those dishes where it’ll be hard to go back to the orange powder.

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